Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences


Terms of Reference

The Conference of Heads is committed to advancing educational opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences, and to ensuring the academic well-being of the disciplines of Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, as they are taught and developed within Higher Education. To further these aims the Conference shall:
  1. act as a forum in Higher Education where matters affecting teaching, learning, and the pursuit of research and scholarship within Departments of Mathematical Sciences can be aired, and where the considered views of Heads on such matters can be expressed;
  2. work with learned societies, regional groupings and professional bodies to make these views known to government, funding agencies, and other bodies having a bearing on developments in the Mathematical Sciences;
  3. work closely with those representing the interests of schools, Further Education, employers and professions to ensure that the overall provision of learning opportunities on offer within Higher Education, in the Mathematical Sciences area, is in tune with the wider needs of society and the specific needs of the underpinning disciplines;
  4. promote quality and good practice within the teaching and learning of Mathematical Sciences.


Membership shall be open to all Heads and past heads of Mathematical Sciences in Higher Education, or their equivalent. The membership fee shall be determined by Conference from time to time and will reflect an institution's membership.

Attendance at meetings will not be restricted to members. However, voting rights are aligned with institutional departments, one per department, and only their Heads, or representatives delegated by their Heads, will be eligible to vote. The list of voting members shall be fixed on an annual basis.


The Conference of Heads shall meet at least once a year. The Annual Conference will include the Annual General Meeting.

Special General Meetings, requested by the Committee or by at least 20% of the voting membership, may be called at any time. Members shall be informed by post at least 20 days before such meetings by the secretary. A quorum of 20% of the voting membership shall be necessary for the pasage of resolutions and the conduct of formal business at any General Meeting.


The Officers of the Conference shall be the Chair, the Vice- Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer, all of whom shall be members.

The Committee

The Committee shall consist of the Officers, the immediate past Chair and six elected members who shall all be members of the Conference. In addition, and for the purposes of establishing a geographical spread of Committee members and links with other key groupings, the Committee may co-opt up to five persons, who need not necessarily be members of the Conference. The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be two Officers and two elected members.

The Committee shall be responsible for:
  1. arranging the Annual Conference and any other meetings it deems appropriate;
  2. acting on behalf of the Conference, within its terms of reference, and in accord with any resolutions and policies agreed by the Conference;
  3. acting in consultation with the Conference when issues of major significance have to be addressed;
  4. reporting to the Annual Conference at the Annual General Meeting. All Committee members may continue in post for the full term of their
  5. election even if they cease to be Heads of Departments.

Election of Officers and Committee Members

All Officers and other elected members shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee members shall be elected for a period of two years. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall not normally be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office. The Treasurer and Secretary shall be eligible for re-election.

The immediate past Chair shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee for a further period of up to two years. Any casual vacancies that arise, for whatever reason, shall be filled by co- option.

The following rule shall apply to the offices of Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary: No person shall hold one of these offices for more than six consecutive years. Additionally, no person shall serve on the Committee as an elected member for more than eight consecutive years. All co-opted members shall be appointed up to the end of the next Annual General Meeting. All Committee members may continue in post for the full term of their election even if they cease to be Heads of Departments.

Change of Constitution

Any change to the Constitution must be agreed at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting.

Membership shall be informed by post of any proposed changes by the Secretary at least 20 days before the meeting.

Changes must receive the assent of a majority of those eligible to vote. Postal votes will be accepted.


An account shall be opened in the name of the Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences at a bank designated by the Committee. All cheques drawn on the account shall bear the signature of the Treasurer or one other named Officer of the Committee.

An annual statement of audited accounts shall be produced by the Treasurer for presentation to the Annual General Meeting of the Conference.


The Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of those eligible to vote at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose, of which 40 days notice shall have been given, in writing, to the members.

The resolution must make provision for the satisfactory and lawful disposal of any assets held by, or in the name of, the Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences.

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