Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences


to be held in Room 505, Department of Mathematics University College Gower Street, London, on Thursday 14th September 1995, commencing at 11 am.


11-12.15: EPSRC Policies and Mathematics.

Guest Speaker: Professor Richard Brook, Chief Executive, EPSRC. Professor Brook has indicated that he hopes to use this opportunity to review developments within the EPSRC in respect to mathematics and the reactions to these among university mathematicians. The main part of the session would therefore be devoted to di scussion and questions in both directions. It is planned that he will be accompanied by Dr Geoff Richards, Programme Manager for Mathematics.

12.15-1pm: Annual General Meeting.

Reports from the Officers for 1994/5

Election of Officers and Committee for 1995/6

1-2pm Buffet Lunch in the UCL Mathematics Department

2-2.15 pm: Committee Update on the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise

2.15-2.30: Committee priorities for 1995/6

2.30pm: The Promotion of Mathematics in the UK

Discussion Session, led by: Professor Chris Robson (Leeds), Chair, LMS Education Committee Dr Adrian Lepper, Executive Secretary, IMA. Dr Bill Harrison (Sheffield-Hallam) Director, Pupil-Researcher Initiative

It is intended that the discussion will focus, in the wake of publicity given to concerns over university entrants mathematical background, on the positive steps which HoDoMS can take to enhance the perception of Mathematics at all levels. This might include measures

  1. to ensure that courses are appropriate to entrants current levels of preparation
  2. to increase awareness of the mathematical needs of user disciplines, industry and commerce
  3. to increase awareness of the success of technology transfer in mathematics
  4. to promote a mathematics equivalent of the pupil-researcher initiative
  5. to inform pupils about the wide range of careers open to mathematics graduates
  6. to provide information on successful local initiatives to promote mathematics
  7. to generate increased funding for campaigns to improve the public image of mathematics
4.15 (approx): Tea and Close of the Meeting