Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences


1. Apologies for Absence

Professor David Crighton (Cambridge) and Professor David Harper (Robert Gordon).

2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting held on 28 May 1996

The Minutes were approved.

3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

4. Chairman's Report

4.1. Graham Wilks drew attention to our new electronic mail system: no problems were reported.

4.2. MATHSKILLS: he gave a brief report on funding issues and progress.

4.3. We aim to overcome fragmentation within the mathematics community by

(a) keeping up dialogue with the Joint Mathematics Council, London Mathematical Society, Committee of Professors of Applied Mathematics, Conference of Professors of Statistics, Royal Statistical Society, and Group of Mathematics Presidents and

(b) maintaining representation on Universities and Colleges Admissions Services, Higher Education Quality Council, Schools Curriculum Assessment Authority (A Level Standards and Mental Mathematics) and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (research funding, and funding for teaching).

4.4. We had contributed towards developments in diagnostic testing (in collaboration with JMC) and continued to support the UK Mathematics Trust, which was developing a national mathematics competition for school pupils. He concluded by emphasising the need for greater cohesion between the various groups representing mathematics, a matter that would be taken up by the Committee. CCW

5. Treasurer's Report

Martin Everett's report covered the year September 1995-August 1996 (attached). We had been conservative in the use of funds, the main items being a contribution of #2k to MATHSKILLS and #2k for Committee expenses. Suggestions were requested for initiatives that would put our resources to good use.

6. Proposed Amendment to Constitution

Some possible anomalies were pointed out in the proposed change of wording. Voting rights were not accorded to Committee members as such, only the Heads of the Departments that subscribed to HoDoMS and were eligible to vote.

7. Election of Officers and Members

The following members were nominated for the ten Committee vacancies:


Professor M Atkinson, nominated by Dr Donald Davison

Professor M Everett, nominated as Treasurer by Professor D Larman

Professor K Houston, nominated as Vice-Chairman by Professor A Ryley

Dr E Kopp, nominated by Professor C Wright

Dr S Ryrie, nominated by Professor A Norcliffe

Professor C Wright, nominated as Secretary by Professor G Wilks

Professor A Zinober, nominated by Dr E Kopp


Professor D Clegg (Liverpool John Moores), nominated by Professor K Houston

Dr Trevor Gethins (Oxford Brookes), nominated by Professor K Houston

Since there were 9 vacancies (excluding the vacant Chair) all were elected. The meeting was asked to approve an interim arrangement regarding chairmanship of the Committee. The Vice-Chairman would convene the first Committee Meeting and a Chairman would be nominated and put to the membership for approval by Email. In addition the following were coopted onto the Committee: Dr Adrian Lepper (IMA), Professor David Crighton (CPAM), Professor Ken Brown (IMS), Professor Adrian Smith (RSS).

8. Policy Matters

No issues were raised from the floor. The Secretary recorded a vote of thanks to Graham Wilks for his energetic Chairmanship of the Committee during his term of office.

9. Any Other Business

No other items were raised.

10. Next Committee Meeting

Monday 22 September 1997 at 11.45 in the Mathematics Department at UCL.

Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences


Balance Brought Forward £16,580.34 From 1994/95


Subscriptions for 1995/96 £7,800.00

78 @ £100 ___________

TOTAL INCOME £24,380.34


September Conference Expenses £575.62

JMC Subscriptions 1995/96 £80.00

Committee Expenses £1,970.44

Maths Skills £2,000.00


TOTAL £19,754.28