Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the University of Leeds on 17 April 2000

Present: Prof. S K Houston (Chair), Dr. Joyce Aitchison, Dr. Colin Aitken, Dr. M Angelova, Prof. Robert Archbold, Prof. W Boyd, Prof. David Brannan, Dr. Neil Challis, Prof. Robert Curtis, Mr Peter Dixon, Dr. David Emery, Dr. John Erdos, Prof. David Fearn, Dr. Trevor Gethins, Mr A Grady, Prof. G Jameson, Dr. G Janacek, Prof. P Jones, Dr. D Jones,

Prof. Ronald King, Prof. W Krzanowski, Dr. Adrian Lepper, Dr. Paulo Lisboa,

Mr Walter Middleton, Prof. R Moffett, Prof. John Morris, Dr. G Psihoyios, Dr. A Pugh,

Mr Robert Russell, Dr. Stephen Ryrie, Dr. Peter Sproston, Dr. David Stirling,

Dr. John Taylor, Dr. R Thatcher, Prof. S Wainer, Prof. A Wickstead.

Apologies: Prof. Charles Goldie, Prof. Trevor Sweeting

  1. Minutes of AGM of April 1999
  2. Notes that the membership of the Committee should have included David Brannan and should have shown Trevor Sweeting as being from the University of Surrey rather than that of Sussex.

  3. Matters Arising
  4. Noted that Leslie Fletcher had resigned from the Committee since the last AGM.

  5. Chairman's Report
  6. Ken Houston's report summarised the work of the Committee and the officers over the past year, including:

    Hodoms Annual Conference: Held in parallel with BMC in 2000; may or may not be repeated; might be held in parallel with BMC/BAMC when these take place together in 2002.

    Committee Meetings; Three meetings took place during the year.

    QAA Subject Review; results overall showed that the teaching of mathematics in universities is generally of a high standard.

    Subject Benchmarking; There had been considerable debate about this, and Hodoms had contributed to the working group (whose report had already been presented to the conference).

    ILT; The committee applauded its aims, but waits to see whether they will be achieved.

    LTSN; The committee welcomed the establishment of the LTSN, and hoped it would be productive.

    UMTC; Concern at declining attendance; hence inclusion on conference programme.

    EPSRC; Hodoms representation on workshop about resourcing of PhD training.

    QCA; Hodoms participation in consultation about National Curriculum Review, revised A/AS levels, free-standing maths units.

    Joint Mathematical Council, which has a Hodoms member, has established a working group on Geometry.

    IMA; a new round of approvals of courses has begun, starting with Scottish and Welsh universities.

    Database of Heads of Departments; showing contact details, has recently been established, on mailbase.

    Guardian League Tables; These had been controversial, and had been discussed by the Committee.

    Hodoms/LMS survey of resources: not carried out this year (but see AOB).

  7. Treasurer's Report
  8. No report has been received. The Chairman reported that the financial position was good, and that a report would be circulated by email.

  9. Committee Membership
  10. The Chairman thanked Roy Moffett, whose period on the committee had come to an end, for his work on the committee.

    Prof. David Fearn and Dr Neil Challis were elected as new members of the committee. The committee now comprises:

    Chair Professor Ken Houston (Ulster) retiring 2001

    Vice Chair Dr Nigel Steele (Coventry) retiring 2001

    Secretary Dr Stephen Ryrie (UWE) retiring 2001

    Treasurer Professor Martin Everett (Greenwich) retiring 2001

    Previous Hodoms Chair Professor David Brannan (Open)

    Elected Dr William Boyd (Bristol) retiring 2001

    Dr John Erdos (King's, London) retiring 2001

    Dr Trevor Gethins (Brookes) retiring 2001

    Professor Charles Goldie (Surrey) retiring 2001

    Professor David Fearn (Glasgow) retiring 2002

    Dr. Neil Challis (Sheffield Hallam) retiring 2002

    Co-opted Dr Adrian Lepper (IMA)

    Professor Trevor Sweeting (Surrey, RSS)

    Professor William Bruce (Liverpool, LMS)

  11. AOB
    1. The meeting discussed and regretted the continuing lack of a single identifiable focus for the mathematics community; expressed the view that the lack of a visible identity is damaging; noted the difficulty of bring together different and disparate groups; asked the committee to take steps, as and when appropriate to promote a single identity for the mathematics community.

(b) Hodoms/LMS Survey Resources: agreed that this should continue if possible.