Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences

Minutes of HODOMS Committee Meeting, 18th April 2000,

Held at Leeds University following the HODOMS conference.


Ken Houston (Chair), David Fearn, Bill Boyd, David Brannan, Adrian Lepper, John Erdos, Neil Challis, Trevor Gethins, Stephen Ryrie

  1. The Chair welcomed new members (N Challis, D Fearn).
  2. Apologies were received from Charles Goldie, Trevor Sweeting and Nigel Steele
  3. Minutes The minutes of the meeting of 6th January were approved subject to noting that Charles Goldie should have been designated as Professor (not Dr) Goldie.
  4. Matters arising
    1. BCME. Verbal report from J Erdos on planning for British Congress of Mathematics Education ( 5-7 July 2001 at Keele University). Agreed to suggest to BCME that the organising committee might consider an HE input perhaps through the LTSN.
    2. HODOMS/LMS Survey of resourcing of mathematics departments: agreed to conduct another survey; SKH to liaise with Bill Bruce of LMS re design of questionnaire and conducting the survey.
    3. Noted that CG was to have written (minute 9) to the Chair of the Statistics and OR RAE panel, but that there was as yet no indication of a reply. The committee noted also some concerns about the composition of the Applied Maths panel, and agreed that the Chair might express to HEFCE the view that a good balance of interests in different areas of applied mathematics should be represented on the panel.
  1. Benchmarking
  2. Agreed to seek to nominate a proposed benchmarking group in collaboration with learned societies. Agreed SKH to discuss whether and how to proceed with the Presidents of the societies. Noted desirability of inducing representation from a wide variety of types of institutions.

  3. Unified Mathematics Community
  4. Agreed to support the establishment of a single website for the mathematical sciences, perhaps at the LTSN. SKH to explore with LTSN.

  5. Future HODOMS Conference
  6. Agreed to plan a two-day conference at Easter 2001, and to consider the possibility of a conference jointly with BMC and BAMC at Warwick in 2002.

  7. Dates of Committee Meetings

29th September 2000; 12th January 2001