Heads of Department of Mathematical Sciences

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 19th April 2001

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 19th April 2001


  1. Present: Prof. K Houston (Chair), Ms L Allen, Dr M Angelova, Prof. D Applebaum, Prof. D Brannan, Prof. D Broomhead, Dr. N Challis, Prof. P Clarkson, Prof. A Davies, Dr. A de Ville, Prof. P Dyke, Dr J Erdos, Prof. D Fearn, Prof. P Gilbin, Prof. C Goldie, Mr D Goldrei, Mr A Grady, Prof. J Griffiths, Prof. G Harman, Prof. A Holt, Prof. D Hughes, Mr G Janacek, Prof. G Jones, Prof. W Krzanowski, Dr D Lawson, Ms P Lumb, Mr W Middleton, Prof. R Moffett, Prof. D Riley, Dr S Ryrie, Dr P Soan, Dr P Sproston, Mr D Stirling, Dr J W Tabor, Prof. A Wickstead, Prof. G Wilks, Prof. M Wilson, Prof. R Wilson
  2. Apologies: Prof. C Aitken, Prof. M Everett, Dr T Gethins, Prof. N Steele.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the AGM of 17th April 2000 were approved subject to noting that at minute 4 Prof. Charles Goldie should be shown as being from the University of Sussex.

4. Matters arising: Agreed after discussion to recommend to the Committee that HODOMS Annual Conferences should continue to take place independently of any other conferences.

5. Chairman's Report: Prof. Houston's report was presented and is appended to these minutes.

6. Treasurer's Report: This was not yet ready, but the Chair reported that HODOMS finances continue to be healthy and that a report would be circulated soon to all HODOMS members.

7. Election of Officers: Officers were elected as follows for a period of 2 years in each case:

Chair: Prof. C Goldie (Sussex)

Vice-Chair: Prof. Nigel Steele (Coventry)

Secretary: Dr N Challis (Sheffield Hallam)

Treasurer: Prof. M Everett (Greenwich)

8. Election of Committee Members: Members were elected as follows, for a period of 2 years in each case:

Dr M Angelova (Northumbria)

Prof. P Giblin (Liverpool)

Mr W Middleton (Sunderland)

Prof. D Stirling (Reading)

Prof. A Wickstead (Belfast)

The Committee therefore now comprises:

Prof. C Goldie (Chair) Retires 2003

Prof. N Steele (Vice-Chair) Retires 2003

Dr N Challis (Secretary) Retires 2003

Prof. M Everett (Treasurer) Retires 2003

Prof. K Houston (Retiring Chair) Retires 2003

Prof. D Fearn Retires 2002

Dr M Angelova Retires 2003

Prof. P Giblin Retires 2003

Mr W Middleton Retires 2003

Prof. D Stirling Retires 2003

Prof. A Wickstead Retires 2003

Dr. M Dodson (LMS) Co-opted

Dr. A Lepper (IMA) Co-opted

Prof. T Sweeting (RSS) Co-opted

9. A.O.B. The meeting thanked Prof. Houston for his work as Chairman of HODOMS over the previous two years.